v. abandon ,discharge ,evacuate ,vacatea. empty-bellied ,hollow ,vacuous


v. fill ,fill up ,make fulla. full


empty['empti]adj. 空的;無意義的;無知的;徒勞的vt. 使失去;使…成為空的vi. 成為空的;流空n. 空車;空的東西


empty 空的;空箱;排空;放空;Empty Room 空房間;空房間 >>琴譜;空房間empty of 缺乏,無;缺乏,無;缺少,無;缺少;EMP empty 空載;空的;empty hem 邊緣缺棉;


1.We emptied the bottle. 我們把這瓶(飲料)喝乾了。

2.Life is but an empty dream! 人生啊,無非是虛夢一場!

3.So…was the water bottle full or empty? 這麼說…那個水瓶是空的還是滿的?


I'm sick of his long, empty speeches. - 他那冗長而又沒有內容的演講令我厭倦。

An empty bag cannot stand upright. - 空袋不能直立。

An empty hand is no lure for a hawk. - 空手誘不來老鷹。

An empty purse frightens many friends. - 曩中無分文,親友不上門。

An empty sack cannot stand upright. - 空麻袋,立不直。

Better an empty purse than an empty head. - 寧可錢袋癟,不要腦袋空。

Better half an egg than empty shell. - 半隻蛋也比空殼好。

Full belies make empty skulls. - 大腹便便,頭腦空虛。

The little baskets were empty and the ground was covered with pieces of paper, cigarette ends, old tyres, empty bottles and rusty tins. - 廢物筐是空的,而滿地都是紙片、煙頭、舊輪胎,空瓶子和生銹的空罐頭盒。

After having spent whole mornings on the river, I always go home with an empty bag. - 我總是在河上呆上整整一上午,然後空著袋子回家。

He also said that he had found five empty whisky bottles which the ghost must have drunk the night before. - 他還說他發現了5只空的威士忌瓶子,肯定是鬼魂昨天晚上喝的。

The party then searched the whole cave thoroughly but did not find anything except an empty tin trunk. - 隊員們接著又把整個洞徹底搜尋了一遍,但除了一隻空鐵皮箱外什麼也沒找到。

After I had stacked my shirts and underclothes in two empty drawers, - 我將襯衫、內衣放進兩個空抽屜裡,

The lorry was loaded with empty beer bottles and hundreds of them slid off the back of the vehicle and on to the road. - 卡車上裝著空啤酒瓶。成百隻瓶子順勢從卡車後面滑出車外落在馬路上。

After her departure, Aunt Harriet discovered that there were piles of empty wine bottles of all shapes and sizes neatly stacked in what had once been Bessie's wardrobe. - 貝西走後,哈麗特姑媽發現在貝西以前用過的衣櫃裡整整齊齊地放著一堆堆形狀各導、大小不一的酒瓶子。

and existence an empty laugh braying across the mysteries; - 如果存在不只是對神秘事物的一種空虛的笑聲,


empty visual field - 無參考目標視野

lowest empty molecular orbital - 最低空缺分子軌道

empty column; free column - 空柱

on an empty stomach - 空著肚子

empty tube column - 空管柱

empty intestine; jejunum - 空腸

administraction of the drug on an empty stomach; be taken with an empty stomach; take before meals; to be taken on an empty stomach - 空腹服

empty field myopia - 空虛視野近視

cmptysella syndrome; empty sella syndrome - 空蝶鞍綜合征

an empty pulse with littl strength - 脈虛無力


n.空腹服 - administraction of the drug on an empty stomach

n.脈虛無力 - an empty pulse with littl strength

n.空腹服 - be taken with an empty stomach

n.最低空缺分子軌道 - lowest empty molecular orbital

n.空著肚子 - on an empty stomach

n.空腹服 - to be taken on an empty stomach


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