composition of accelerations 加速度合成;加速度的合成;composition of accelerations 加速度合成;加速度的合成;Age Composition 年齡結構;城市人口年齡構成;年齡構成;年齡分佈;amiable composition 友好仲裁;衡平仲裁;友好調解;調解;ash composition 灰分組成;


1.Composition art is the basic theory of modern visual communication art. Plane composition is one part of composition art compared to solid composition. 構成藝術是現代視覺傳達藝術的基礎理論,平面構成是構成藝術的一部分,是相對立體構成而言的。

2.The dry furfural can be obtained and the composition of the tops was close to the composition of furfural-water azeotrope. 通過對糠醛乾燥塔中熱醛汽流量的控制,可獲得乾燥糠醛,並使塔頂餾出物的組成接近糠醛-水共沸組成;

3.The acetone-treated ALM(AALM) did not differ significantly from ALM in proximate composition, metabolizable energy and amino acid composition except for acidity. 丙酮處理的海芋葉粉的概略營養成分、代謝能和氨基酸組成與原海芋葉粉無明顯差異。

4.The results showed that in arid regions, groundwater level not only affected the species and composition of plant communities, but also affected the density and composition of soil seed bank. 結果表明,在乾旱地區,地下水位的高低不僅影響植物群落的種類和組成,而且也影響土壤種子庫的密度和組成。

5.The results indicate that both top management team composition and board composition have direct and additive effects on R&D investment intensity. 結果顯示,高層管理團隊成員和董事會成員都對研發投資強度有直接或間接的影響。


Do you often do composition after school? - 你常常在放學後做作文嗎?

I did composition last month. - 我上個月做作文。

As its composition and line reminded him of an Italian painting he knew well, he decided to buy it. - 畫面構圖與紙條使他想起一幅他所熟悉的意大利畫,於是他決定將畫買了下來。


physical composition of soil - 土壤物質組成

chemical composition of atmosphere - 大氣化學組成

composition of menstrual blood - 月經血成分

n. welding of similar composition metals - 相似成分金屬焊

composition gradient - 組分梯度

composition of protein - 蛋白質組成


酰基組成 - acyl composition

年齡構成,年齡組成 - age composition

n.氨基酸組成 - amino acid composition

n.羊水成分 - amniotic fluid composition

n.灰分組成 - ash composition

n.有效成分 - available composition

n.鹼基組成 - base composition

身體組成,身體構成 - body composition

緩衝液組成 - buffer composition

n.化學成分,化學組成 - chemical composition

n.大氣化學組成 - chemical composition of atmosphere

n.直接成分 - direct composition

n.元素成份 - elementary composition

n.食物成份 - food composition

血淋巴組成 - haemolymph composition

食物組成 - meal composition

n.分子組成 - molecular composition

n.蚊齡組成 - mosquito age composition

n.土壤物質組成 - physical composition of soil

n.近似組成 - proximate composition

皂角組織 - saponin composition

n.土壤組成 - soil composition

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